Understanding Reviews


Understanding Online Reviews

Like most businesses, we get many online reviews. Unlike most businesses, we are not able to reply with specific comments due to healthcare privacy laws. Being mindful of this, we have prepared here some answers to common questions or comments. These remarks are not intended to be a direct comment to any particular patient or patients.

Behavior challenges – We love our patients and know that we treat a lot of children. We do our absolute best to make the experience great for parents and children.We know many patients have anxieties, and children are no exception.

  • We work hard to love on the kids and tell them everything we’re going to do before we do it, in an effort to help calm them down and involve them in the process. Our hope is that we can set the kids up for a lifetime of NOT being scared of the dentist. Please do not tell your child anything about how this dental visit may go. Your previous dental experience has nothing to do with today’s experience.
  • If a child is crying or yelling, we’re going to try to calm them down and take it slow. If this isn’t working, we may ask the parent to try to calm them down so their visit can proceed. We can not keep a screaming child in the chair – this is just traumatizing the child and perhaps traumatizing someone else in the lobby.
  • When a child’s behavior can’t be controlled for treatment, we may be able to refer this patient for i.v. sedation. This is a great alternative for the children who need this extra level of attention.
  • In some cases, we may refer a child out for treatment. Oral sedation is one example of this – we do not prescribe oral sedation for children.
  • If your child has special needs or requirements, please let our staff know so we can make accommodations for you to be with your child during their treatment.

Diagnosis and Treatment – We do a complete exam so we can let you know all the treatment you may need.

  • Once our doctor does an exam, we will let you know the treatment that you need. As a cavity begins to form, it may be small and a doctor may diagnose this one to be watched. It is still a cavity,and a different doctor may diagnose this to be filled. If left untreated, the cavity will continue to grow and will need to be filled at some point. The cavity will not heal itself. We want to diagnose all issues we see so that you can decide how quickly to treat your issues. We will let you know what needs more immediate treatment and how to plan for the remainder of your treatment.
  • Surgery is best done on a clean mouth. If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in a while, chances are that the bacteria in your mouth may not be good for a surgery, like an extraction or a root canal. You’ll need a recently cleaned mouth for the best chance for successful surgery.
  • If you have a toothache, you may want that tooth extracted. If this is a permanent tooth, this will leave a hole in your mouth and a tooth will not grow back. Many times we can save that tooth with a root canal. The more teeth you keep when you get older, the more likely you are to be able to eat steak instead of jello. Saving a tooth is always preferred over losing a tooth.
  • We don’t have any desire or urge to diagnose treatment that you don’t need. All our doctors are licensed professionals, and the cost or value of your treatment isn’t worth the risk to someone’s medical license to diagnose unnecessary treatment. We are happy to do any treatment you need, but absolutely will not do unnecessary procedures.

Wait times -Extended waits happen on occasion so let’s understand what may create some of this.

  • Every patient is given the time and attention they need when they get in the chair. All patients are given a full exam to discover exactly what is happening in their mouth and what course of treatment they may need. Many patients come in with a preconceived idea about what treatment they need, but our thorough exam by the dentist will uncover precisely what actions are needed. We’ll do our very best to get this patient treated with the treatment they need while they are in the chair.
  • Walk-ins are welcome in the mornings. We’ll do our best to fit every walk-in in as soon as we can, but scheduled appointments take precedence. If a patient is on “walk in only” status, this is due to excessive missed or canceled appointments. We’ll still continue to treat this patient, but we will not continue to schedule appointments for a patient with a history of not fulfilling their appointment.
  • Unexpected complications are similar to point number one. For example, a patient may schedule an appointment for a cleaning, but in fact may need a deeper cleaning. The more complex a cleaning is, the longer it will take. Again, we’re going to do what we can to give the patient in the chair the treatment they need.
  • Bringing in multiple family members on the same day could result in a longer time with us. If possible, please schedule your children on different days.

Post Operative Issues

  • When you or your child has a procedure that requires numbing, our staff lets you know to be careful with that numbed area when you leave. It is not uncommon for a patient to bite their lip or bite their cheek because they can’t feel it. With a child, the numb sensation is such a novelty that they may continue to feel that space with their tongue or teeth. It is a parent or guardian’s job to keep an eye on the child so that they don’t create a new wound. Keeping the gauze in place after the procedure is the best way to combat this. Should an accident happen during a procedure, our staff will let you know and do what they can to attend to this. Under no circumstances will we cut your child’s lip and send him home without pointing this out to you.
  • It is imperative that your followup appointments are kept. We want to make sure everything has gone well with your treatment and to insure that you are healing nicely.


  • If you have dental insurance, this needs to be verified prior to your appointment. You can call in your insurance or drop it by one of our clinics and we will let you know once that verification happens. It is extremely difficult for us to verify your insurance for a same day appointment. We are happy to see  you on the same day, but you may have to pay for your treatment up front and resolve your insurance needs afterwards.
  • The kind of insurance you have does not determine our diagnosis or treatment. Once our doctor does an exam, we will let you know what treatment you need. We do not determine what any insurance company will cover in terms of treatment or fees. We do our best to describe the coverage you have with your insurance company, and these are estimates at the time of service. If your insurance company refuses to cover some portion of your treatment, that fee is due from you when your claim is denied.
  • Please understand that insurance is a benefit. We all wish that every insurance covered more than it does. The reality is that often insurance is a small offset to the actual cost of treatment. We accept most insurances and file the claims on your behalf, but recognize that insurance companies each set their own coverage parameters.

Am I allowed to go back with my child?

  • We have found that children are much more cooperative and comfortable without their parent sitting with them. Sometimes a parent’s anxiety can get a child worked up, and we are best able to diffuse this without the parent sitting there. This is one of the reasons we ask parents to wait in our lobby.
  • We are trained dental professionals and work hard to be quick and efficient with all our patients. Answering questions and addressing comments during treatment delay this process and can negatively affect other patient’s scheduled appointments. This is another reason we ask parents to wait in our lobby.
  • Most of our hygiene visits are done in an open bay where multiple patients are getting treatment. To afford as much privacy as possible, parents are asked not to join their child in the hygiene bay.
  • If your child absolutely must have you with them, we have private rooms that we can usually accommodate you in. These visits take longer as they are not in the normal treatment area. Our experience has shown that as your child continues to visit the dentist, their comfort level goes up and they don’t continue to need a parent with them.
  • We are happy to provide you and your child with a pre-scheduled tour of the clinic so you can see where everything is and how we operate. With many healthcare professionals in our clinical area, you can be sure your child will get the care they need.
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