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Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club – What you need to know

Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club – What you need to know

We can all agree that a great smile boosts confidence, feels great, and can change the way we see ourselves. However, changing your smile can be difficult for those of us that don’t want braces and aren’t sure what the other options are. Teeth aligners are clear orthodontic devices that slip over the teeth and gradually shift them over time. Each tray is designed to move just one tooth or one section of teeth at a time. Once the tray’s work is complete (typically every two weeks), we move on to the next. Clear aligners treat the same bite and alignment issues that traditional metal braces do, without the brackets and wires.

What is Smile Direct Club?

Smile Direct Club offers teeth aligners sent directly to your home so there are no monthly visits to your orthodontist. The cost is more reasonable than both braces and Invisalign and the aligners are typically used for a shorter duration than a person would have braces on for. The impressions of your teeth used to make the aligners can also be taken at home by yourself.

What are the differences?

The concept of Smile Direct Club sounds promising and convenient, however there are some unfavorable differences when compared to Invisalign.

1. Aligners Attached

Invisalign aligners have attachments which allow the trays to lock so they won’t slide or shift around. Without these attachments, the tooth movements can be unpredictable.

Smile Direct Club aligners do not have attachments.

2. Proper Dental Impression

Dentists and dental assistants are trained to take molds of your teeth in order to accurately make the corrections you desire. Smile Direct Club offers a kit in the mail to take the dental impression on your own which leaves a lot of room for error. If your mold is not properly made, the aligners won’t properly adjust your teeth and can lead to a more painful experience. With Invisalign, you are guaranteed a proper mold and monthly visits with your dentist or orthodontist to assure you are on track and the correct adjustments are made. Smile Direct Club only offers a check in with your dentist remotely every 90 days.

3. Delivery Method

Smile Direct Club sends your aligners right to your home. Relying on your aligners to be sent through the mail can lead to a fair amount of inconvenience. Packages get lost in the mail, delivered to the wrong home, and damaged along the way all the time. There are numerous complaints logged with the Better Business Bureau about retainers at the end of treatment that took too long or were forgotten to be shipped and in the meantime the teeth moved back out of alignment. Invisalign has the benefit of meeting and discussing in person with your dentist to figure out your options for retainers and post-treatment care.

4. Price Difference

Smile Direct Club costs starts at $1850+ with additional costs for impression taking and retainers. Invisalign cost starts at $3500+ depending on the complexity of the case.

A main factor in the difference in cost are the frequent visits to your dentist you get with Invisalign.

5. Treatment Complexity

Invisalign is an eligible solution for mild to severe treatments which can include crowding, spacing, gaps, overbite, under-bite, and cross-bites. Smile Direct Club is suitable for mild treatments involving the spacing and orientation of the teeth.

While both options have obvious benefits, it is clear that Invisalign is a superior option to Smile Direct Club. Speaking to your dentist remotely every 90 days will not prove nearly as effective as meeting in person with them monthly. Results with Invisalign are more dependable and advanced than those of Smile Direct Club. Schedule a consultation with your A Smile 4 U office to discuss your options today!

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